List of sublime text shortcuts, tips and tricks

I started using sublime text over the past couple months (RIP textmate) and it’s been awesome so far. I wanted to create a short list of the shortcuts, tips and tricks that I’ve found most useful:

cmd+p — Go to Anything
cmd+ctrl+p — Switch Project

cmd+shift+d — Duplicate Line
ctrl+enter — Insert line after
ctrl+shift+enter — Insert line before
cmd+l — Expand Selection to Line
ctrl+shift+w — Wrap Selection with Tag
ctrl+r — Go to symbols (finding methods)

Multi Edits
ctrl+d — Select the current word and the next same word
ctrl+click — Every place you click will create a cursor to edit
ctrl+shift+f AND alt+enter — Find a word in your files and then select them all
ctrl+] — Indent
ctrl+[ — Unindent
Ctrl+Shift+UP — Move lines up
Ctrl+Shift+Down — Move lines down

Multi Selection
To enable multi-selection, you have several options:

Alt or Command — then click in each region where you require a cursor.
Select a block of lines, and then press Shift + Command + L.
Place the cursor over a particular word, and press Control/Command + D repeatedly to select additional occurrences of that word.
Alternatively, add an additional cursor at all occurrences of a word by typing Alt+F3 on Windows, or Ctrl+Command+G on the Mac. Amazing!!

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